Rona Limsy

name Loves to write about cats and their health issues.

The 3 Most Common Cat Ear Problems & Treatments

01st July 2007
Cat ear problems are often one of the most common conditions why a cat owner brings the cat to the vet. Some of the signs that your cat may be having ear problems are: 1) Shaking its head and ears often and sometimes very vigorously. 2) Scratchin... Read >

6 Essential Cat Training Rules

30th June 2007
If you are thinking of training your cat, do take note of these 6 essential cat training rules BEFORE you start: 1) The best time to train is before meals, when your cat is hungriest. As food (cat treats) is often used as a reward, a cat which has just... Read >

How To Tell If Your Cat Has Fleas

02nd April 2007
If you notice something blackish and small crawling around your cat's fur, you are probably right to suspect that they are cat fleas. When cat fleas strike, they can mean big trouble and it's important to get rid of cat fleas quickly and thoroughly. A fle... Read >