6 Essential Cat Training Rules

Published: 30th June 2007
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If you are thinking of training your cat, do take note of these 6 essential cat training rules BEFORE you start:

1) The best time to train is before meals, when your cat is hungriest. As food (cat treats) is often used as a reward, a cat which has just eaten will have less incentive to want to respond to your training.

2) Conduct the training in a quiet area indoors, as cats are very sensitive to the slightest noise and movement.

3) Make sure the reward (cat treats) is something that your cat really loves or else again, it will not be enticed to respond. Don't assume the same treats will stay as your cat's favorites for life. Cats have fussy taste buds and get bored with the same treats all the time.

4) Rewards must go hand in hand with words. If you simply give your cat its treat without saying anything, it will not learn to associate the reward with your words.

5) Cats do not have a great attention span for training processes so keep the time to only a few minutes at a time.

6) Cats will only learn when they are having a great time so you will need lots of patience on your part. Do not let your cat sense anger or impatience coming from you during the training process. If you feel these arising in you, it's time to stop the training process for the time being and retry it before another meal!

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